Frustrated and a bit puzzled by the humiliating behaviours being exhibited by the incumbent President of the Grand Old Party the Nepali Congress, Dr. Shekhar Koirala is now in Biratnagar apparently hinted to the press that he may, if all goes smoothly, contest the upcoming election for the next NC Presidency.

Dr. Shekhar Koirala did not say directly that he would be the suitable candidate for the next President of the Nepali Congress, however, he made the attending press to sense that he will definitely contest the election for NC Presidency.

He made these forceful observations while talking to media.

“I will let you know at our next meet about who is the consensus candidate for the NC Presidency from among the Koirala Family”, said a beaming Dr. Koirala.

Dr. Koirala along with his brother Dr. Shashank Koirala (the General Secretary of the NC party) perhaps are not even in talking terms with President Sher Bahadur Deuba.

The Koirala brothers wish that Deuba should be defeated at any cost if he dares to contest the next NC Presidential elections.

During the talk with the Nepal Press Union-Morang Chapter, Dr. Koirala left no stones unturned in deriding at the ruling government led by PM Oli.

In the course of his interaction with the media men in his home town Dr. Koirala also made some scathing criticisms against the incumbent President saying that some of her fresh political overtures were not in line with the post of the President which is just a ceremonial one and she thus should not dare to dream the absurd(s).

In a very tough note Dr. Koirala accused the incumbent Prime Minister Oli to have been ruling Nepal under the instructions and the very orders of the Chinese President Xi Jinping.

“This the Nepal PM has been doing after the arrival of the Chinese President in Nepal in consultations with Chairman Prachanda”, revealed Dr. Koirala.

President Xi Jinping was in Nepal October 12, 2019.

“And in the process PM Oli has been practising an authoritarian regime in Nepal”, accused Dr. Koirala.

Winding up his speech at the Biratnagar Press Union Dr. Koirala said that Nepal must treat the Millennium Challenge Corporation which is under the ambit of the Indo-pacific Strategy and China’s Belt & Road Initiative on equal footing.