Saturday, March 6, 2021
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Hong Kong
Housing Project - Kuwait

Chinese Company hands over Housing Infrastructure Project to Kuwait

China Gezhouba Group Corporation (CGGC), affiliated with China Energy Engineering Group Co., Ltd., handed over on Tuesday the second batch of...
Minister Adonis Georgiadis

Greece eager to Continue Cooperation with China: Minister Georgiadis

The Greek Government is eager to continue cooperation with China in the post-pandemic era, as China has contributed significantly to Greece's...
PM Modi

Pakistan Offers Sri Lanka Participation in CPEC, Worrying for India

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has urged Sri Lanka to participate in the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. ‘Most worrying’ aspect for New...
Hong Kong Flag

The Future Opportunities of Hong Kong

The economic crisis caused by the social chaos, including rioting, in Hong Kong and the COVID-19 pandemic pose the greatest challenge...
Gdansk - Poland

China Offers Poland, its Vaccines & Bigger Market for Farm Goods

Less promotion and more transparency about Chinese vaccines ‘would go a long way towards improving China’s reputation in the European Union’...
President Xi & President Emomali

China-Tajikistan to Strengthen alignment of Belt & Road Initiative

Chinese President Xi Jinping said on Monday that as this year marks the 100th Anniversary of the Communist Party of China...
PPE for National Health Services

Building of China’s Health Silk Road

Building of Health Silk Road is significant contribution to world's counter-pandemic endeavor and improved Global Surveillance. The novel coronavirus outbreak has posed...
Palace Museum - Beijing

How China’s Victory against Poverty Gives Hope to the World?

Calling China a "learner, beneficiary and innovator of global poverty alleviation theories," a recent special study by Xinhua summarized foreign experts...
China's Sinovac Biotech Mass Vaccination - Indonesia

Indonesia’s Path to Prosperity

The COVID-19 Pandemic has affected economic exchanges between China and most Southeast Asian Nations, as suspension of air travel has hurt...
Testing Centre - Hanoi

Global Vaccination is Still a Jab in the Dark

In less than a year since the World Health Organization (WHO) declared COVID-19 to be a pandemic, there are already 10...