A recent academic talk entitled “Ethnic Diaspora Transnational Business: A Study of Nigerian Diaspora Entrepreneurs” was held at Keele University, which is one of the academic activities of the “Belt & Road” African Studies Alliance.

The academic talk was by Prof. Qingan Huang, the founding Dean of International Business School of Guangdong University of Finance & Economics, China and Vice Chairman of the “Belt & Road” African Studies Alliance. He also serves as a Senior Lecturer in Strategic Management at Royal Docks School of Business & Law, University of East London. His research interests include internationalisation of SMEs, marketing, strategic leadership, entrepreneurship and China’s Belt & Road Initiative (BRI).

This Study draws upon Bourdieu’s theory of practice (habitus, field, forms of capital) and the mixed embeddedness concept to the analysis of diaspora transnational business research.

Much of the transnational Business / Marketing literature has paid limited attention to how immigrants exploit Business & Marketing opportunities across multiple locations.

Rather, the existing body of knowledge relies on bifocality of home/host Country without acknowledging existing processes of multifocal cross-border commerce and the way diaspora marketers exploit these.

Accordingly, this study attempts to bridge the gap in the ethnic business research literature. The research seminar was invited by the Keele University Business School.

Professor Qihai Huang, Dr. Xuebing Cao and Associate Professor Yang Benzhao, a visiting Scholar from UEL participated in this event. Professor BÜLENT GÖKAY and his team from the School of Social, Political and Global Studies met up with Prof Qingan Huang.

They discussed the potential collaboration of the Journal of Global Fault-lines. Keele University is a prestigious top public research institution of higher learning, an outstanding University in the UK and is also one of the Universities recommended and certified by the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China.

Author: Ye Tian