A Night-time international dragon boat race the first of its kind in the world was held on the Haihe River in North China’s Tianjin Municipality.

More than 20 countries along the routes of the Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road (Belt & Road), including Russia, Spain, Japan, Indonesia, the United Arab Emirates, the Philippines and Australia, as well as Chinese cities and regions have formed 26 teams, with nearly 500 athletes participating in the competition.

“We want to show the good image of Tianjin to these countries (countries along the routes of the Belt & Road) through the event, and strengthen cooperation with them”

Said Wang Hong, Deputy Secretary of the Committee of Communist Party of China (CPC) at the Sports Bureau of Tianjin.

As the race was held at night, the venue was lit up with various lights around the Haihe River, which not only provide light for the athletes but also enable the spectators to see the race more clearly at night.

“We planned to hold the dragon boat race at night to show its characteristics and the beautiful night view of the Haihe River.

The race is the first of its kind in the world. By holding the race, we want to show the Haihe River’s water, bridge, light and beauty. We want to integrate the Haihe River and the dragon boat race,” said Wang.