The Government has clarified that Nepal could accept any financial assistance from any country for the greater good of the Country. 

Indicating towards the controversies surrounding the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC), the government has urged one and all not to distort the MCC issue and not to make it a political agenda.

Making public the decisions of the Council of Ministers held on January 27, Minister for Communications, Information and Technology Gokul Prasad Banskota said there was no point in decrying the MCC issue by concealing the facts.

The assistance to be received under the MCC would be utilised for the development of physical infrastructures such as up-gradation of roads and for energy sector such as expansion of transmission lines in Nepal, Minister Banskota reminded, appealing one and all not to cast doubt on the intention of MCC.

Furthermore, the Spokesperson of the government hit out that there was no point in fussing about the MCC and saying it connected with the military activities. China’s ‘ Belt & Road Initiative’ and MCC do not have any strategic connection, he made it clear that MCC was purely linked to economic progress, road network, development of energy and transportation.

“We no longer engage in military activities of any countries. It is due to our compliance with the Non-Alignment Movement. However, there have been instances wherein we had received support from various countries during cold war-era,” the Minister added.

Arguing that the economic prosperity would be attained by harnessing human capabilities and mobilising resources and technologies, he viewed that generating discourses intending to prevent further foreign aid for the development in energy sector in the wake of signing of energy trade agreement between Nepal and India was nothing more than an attempt to stall development, prosperity and positive changes in the guise of nationality.

“There will be our investment in MCC. We are investing approximately Rs 15 billion in it and theirs (US) is approximately Rs 55 billion. When it comes to endorsing it from the Federal Parliament of Nepal, the US Parliament has passed it and it has come into operation in 49 countries,” he said.

The Spokesperson admitted that Nepal had agreed to some conditions placed when receiving loans from some countries, referring to donor agencies like World Bank, Asian Development Bank, Exim Bank of China, Exim Bank of India while receiving development grants but not undermining the national interest of the County.