President of OAKLU Developments Morgan Reynolds has signed an agreement forming a New Global Enterprise. The JV’s first major proposal is to build over 80 Turnkey Hospital™ units in Western Africa.

“Our Turnkey Hospital will improve the health and well-being of African Citizens and have a positive impact on the future of Africa,” stated Erik Kikuchi, CEO of Oaklu.

Oaklu’s African Headquarters will be in Accra, Ghana. Working out of this Central location will speed construction of Turnkey Hospital units throughout Western Africa.

Each fully equipped facility will include Turnkey Flat™ residences for Staff. This Strategic joint venture will share Financial and Construction Resources.

Oaklu’s comprehensive construction methods ensure quality in every aspect of a Turnkey Hospital. The combined forces will work in concert with local and International Partners. Oaklu will join China’s One Belt One Road Initiative formed to help transform Africa’s Infrastructure.

The Partnership is backed by one of the world’s largest infrastructure development funds that generates $300 billion in revenue, with assets of $2.5 trillion. “We are proud to join our esteemed colleagues in bringing our collective services to improve healthcare for the people of Africa,” stated Morgan Reynolds, President of Oaklu.