Located in the Gobi Desert in Dunhuang City, Northwest China’s Gansu Province, the Crescent Spring is a Natural wonder in the Desert.

The spring, which looks like a crescent moon, has existed for thousands of years and has never really dried up.

Whenever there’s a sandstorm, it forms an upward spiral airflow between the surrounding sand mountains, sending the sand at the foot back to the top of the mountain and saving the Crescent Spring from being swallowed by quicksand.

This oasis has been considered as one of the “Eight great sights in Dunhuang” since the Han Dynasty (202 BC-220 AD)

The formation of the Crescent Spring is related to its topography. The flowing water converges here and overflows through a porous geological layer.

As you walk in the quicksand in the mountain, you might hear noises coming from beneath your feet. Hence, the name “Singing sands mountain.”

Being a crossroad between Chinese and western cultures, Dunhuang was a significant place on the ancient Silk Road. It has become a romantic paradise for visitors.