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Victoria’s Trade Deficit growing since Singing Belt & Road

International trade figures show Victoria’s trade deficit with China has worsened since the signing of a controversial deal with Beijing and...
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China and Australia Relations Continue Downhill

The formal arrest of an Australian Citizen by Chinese authorities continues the downward trend in Bilateral Relations. Relations between Beijing and Canberra...
AIIB HQ in Beijing

Tonga joins Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank

Tonga has joined the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), becoming its 84th Member at Official Flag raising Ceremony held at the...
FM Wang Yi

China to Assist Papua New Guinea

China has decided to assist Papua New Guinea (PNG) with a batch of vaccines to help the country completely overcome the...
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Deteriorating China-Australia Relations: Canberra Needs Policy Revamp

Clouded by a deteriorating China-Australia Relationship, Australian trade has gone through a year of ebb and flow, which needs objective and...
Premier Li Keqiang & PM Charlot Salwai

Even with BRI, Is Vanuatu heading for a Diplomatic row with China?

Two Chinese Fishing Vessels were seized by Authorities in Vanuatu in late January for allegedly Fishing illegally in the South West...
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PNG’s Belt & Road Fishery Industrial Park keeps rolling despite Criticism

Foriegn Direct Investment from China can help Papua New Guinea realize its underdeveloped Fishing Industry Potential. After the Papua New Guinea government...
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Why Australia & New Zealand’s Relation with China are like Fire and Ice?

China and New Zealand signed a deal to upgrade their existing free trade pact on Tuesday. While relations between China and New...

Pacific Island Nations turn to AIIB

Pacific Island Nations are turning to China-led AIIB, development bank closely linked to China’s Belt & Road Initiative to plug funding gaps...
PM Bob Hawke & General Secretary Hu Yaobang

People shouldn’t Celebrate Australia-China Fallout

Political wrangles threaten to engulf Asia's Perfect Business Couple These are troubling times for the 1.2 million Australians who claim Chinese heritage,...