Ithraa Chairman, Yahya Al Jabri is leading a high profile Omani trade delegation to Yinchuan this week to participate at the China – Arab States Expo and hold talks with Chinese business leaders on trade, investment and participation in the Belt & Road Initiative.

Oman’s attendance at the Yinchuan Expo aims to boost Omani-Sino links. The event has already seen Al Jabri meet senior Chinese business figures including Xian Hui, Chairwoman, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region as well as the President of the Bank of China in Ningxia.

Omani Delegation at Yinchuan Expo
Photo: Omani Delegation at Yinchuan Expo – China.

Oman’s tradition of welcoming foreign investment, along with its strategic geographic location, access to markets, world-class infrastructure, availability of talent and professional services, as well as strength in sectors that include energy, technology and agriculture are all factors attractive to Chinese investors.

Supporting Oman’s efforts to diversify its economy, increase foreign investment, create sustainable jobs and improve its global market presence, Ithraa’s Chairman encouraged his Chinese hosts to visit Duqm, meet government and business representatives, and see firsthand the outstanding investment opportunities on offer in the Sultanate.

Al Jabri also suggested Bank of China officials consider opening a branch in the sultanate a move that would help facilitate further Omani-Sino investment.