Kaisun Holdings Limited and China Railway Engineering Construction Mongolia signed construction agreement for construction on Mongolia Choir Railway Platform.

This project opens up logistic along China, Mongolia and Russia by providing full supply chain management services in the region, enhancing development of logistic along the Belt and Road.

Mongolia Choir Railway Platform is one of the largest private enterprises in Mongolia. The railway platform in Choir city of Mongolia is located in the middle eastern part of the country, and around 250 kilometres away from its capital Ulaanbaatar, covering a total area of 35,000 square meters, with an annual loading capacity of 1.8 million tons.

The cooperation between Kaisun Holdings and China Railway Engineering Construction Mongolia will further strengthen economic ties between Mainland China – Hong Kong – Mongolia.

Being the only one railway for logistics transportation between China, Mongolia and Russia, the Railway Platform will provide loading and unloading, warehousing, customs declaration and logistic services to enterprises in both China and Mongolia.

As a pioneer in the Belt and Road, Kaisun Holdings started off to plant seeds along the region as early as 2011.

Since China started the Belt and Road Initiative in 2013, China planned its development with neighbouring countries, China-Russia-Mongolia corridor began with cooperation in logistics.

Management team of Kaisun Holdings is of the view that under the current macro policy and economic trend, investment in infrastructure and logistic should be a good entry point. The Choir logistic project will also have great synergy with Kaisun’s other existing investments such as Shandong Kailai Logistic Center.