The 2019 Conference on Overseas Chinese Pioneering and Development in Tianjin kicked off on Friday and will run till June 17.

A number of events are being held during the conference, including high-level personnel exchanges and communications, innovation projects, promotional seminars and forums on cross-Straits media.

Investment projects on the Belt and Road Initiative and some key projects based in the region covering Beijing, Tianjin and nearby Hebei province are on display during the conference, attracting visitors from around the world.

A total of 33 intentional agreements on top-level personnel introduction, technological cooperation and investment projects were inked on Friday, according to the organiser.

Concurrently held during the conference, the Chinese Project and Commodity Expo of World Overseas Chinese Entrepreneurs has attracted companies from 30 countries and regions as well as a number of overseas Chinese organisations.

The expo, which covers 36,000 square meters, has a greater number of exhibitors and a larger scale than previous sessions.

Overseas business delegates will pay a visit on Saturday to Binhai New Area, an economic engine of Tianjin located on the coast, and Wuqing district, a suburban area with emerging automobile industries.