“Light in Darkness,” a movie co-produced by China and Germany about Peking Opera, started shooting Tuesday in the central Chinese city of Wuhan.

Based on a true story, the movie tells how an underachieving Peking Opera actor grooms an abandoned child to become a star, with the help of Chinese and German actors and doctors.

The “light” in the title refers to the inspiration the daughter provides to her father, who has gone through tremendous difficulties, said the movie’s chief director Xia Pan.

“I found that German audiences keen on German Opera and ballet also love Peking Opera,” said the movie’s investor Henry Lei.

“For them, Peking Opera is like a mysterious world.”

“I hope China and Germany will deepen their cooperation in the area of cultural exchange under the Belt and Road Initiative,” said Lei, who is the president of Panchina Development GmbH.

The movie is expected to be screened in China and Europe next year.