The First Phase of the Hengyi Industries Pulau Muara Besar (PMB) Petrochemical Project, a major project of the Belt & Road Initiative between China and Brunei, was completed on September 6 and handed over to Brunei.

The Petrochemical facility in Brunei’s capital of Bandar Seri Begawan has drawn much attention from Government Leaders of both China and Brunei.

It is Brunei’s first Petrochemical Project designed, constructed and operated in accordance with Chinese Standards with the goal of reducing Brunei’s over reliance on crude oil export, and is expected to act as a catalyst to boost the country’s economy.

The atmospheric and vacuum distillation unit (ADU), the most essential part of the project, has successfully started operations and is expected to soon enter commercial operations.

The installation team of China State Construction Engineering Corporation (CSCEC) first arrived at this scenic bay in early 2017.

The entire construction project is comprised of 18 smaller projects, including the ADU with a refining capacity of 8 million metric tons per year, an air separation unit, a gas flare system, and an air compressor. It took 700 days of hard labour to accomplish all the tasks of building the ADU.

CSCEC team rose up to numerous challenges, including material shortage, weak communications signals, and long exposures to heat and strong ultraviolet rays.

The team’s efforts paid off with a series of records among the dozens of state owned enterprise participating in the construction: the highest hoisting height (a 150-meter gas flare tower), the heaviest single steel framework (1,218 metric tons), the longest single cable (1,987 meters), and the first essential unit delivered (the atmospheric and vacuum distillation integrated unit).

With high quality and zero accident, many of CSCEC’s works were rated as exemplary projects. Throughout the construction project, the CSCEC team demonstrated professional skills, the pursuit of excellence, and a friendship with its neighbours.

In collaboration with the Local Government, CSCEC cultivated more than 170 talents in the field of Petrochemical, and created more than 300 jobs for local people.