The Philippine Ambassador to China said his Country is willing to enhance cooperation with China on anti-corruption and to build a Clean Silk Road as the two have already made progress in this respect.

Ambassador Jose Santiago Sta. Romana, said at the International Anti-corruption Day Reception on Monday in Beijing that pushing forward the anti-corruption cooperation serves the interest of the two countries.

“We have anti-corruption campaigns also in the Philippines. It is also a serious problem that the President Duterte once concentrated on.

We try to cooperate particularly in learning lessons from Chinese experience in the anti-corruption campaign. We admire the results that China has achieved, and I think we have humble results in the Philippines from which China can learn from,” said Romana.

Earlier this year, Chinese Duty Crime suspect Xie Haojie was repatriated from Manila, capital of the Philippines. His repatriation is an example in the anti-corruption cooperation between the two countries.

In April, the two countries signed a memorandum of understanding on the anti-corruption cooperation at the Second Belt & Road Forum.

Ambassador Romana said that building a clean Silk Road and enhancing law enforcement in fighting against corruption will be a highlight in the bilateral relations and inject new impetus to the comprehensive strategic cooperation between the two Countries.

“So the Philippines is ready to cooperate with China, and I think the achievement we have done this year, we have made major progress, but there is still a lot of challenges ahead, and I think the potential for more cooperation and more progress in the coming year is something we can work together on,” said Romana.