We have a Winner; Will we have a Game-changer too?

Americans performed three very different policies on the People’s Republic: From a total negation (and the Mao-time mutual annihilation assurances), to Nixon’s sudden cohabitation. 

Finally, a Copernican-turn: the US spotted no real ideological differences between them and the post-Deng China. This signalled a ‘new opening’: West imagined China’s coastal areas as its own industrial suburbia. 

Soon after, both countries easily agreed on interdependence (in this marriage of convenience): Americans pleased their corporate (machine and tech) sector and unrestrained its greed, while Chinese in return offered cheap labour, no environmental considerations and submissiveness in imitation.

However, for both countries this was far more than economy, it was a policy – Washington read it as interdependence for transformative containment and Beijing sow it as interdependence for a (global) penetration.

In the meantime, Chinese acquired more sophisticated technology, and the American Big tech sophisticated itself in digital authoritarianism.

But now with a tidal wave of Covid-19, the honeymoon is over.

Post-Corona Epilogue
Author: Prof. Anis H. Bajrektarević, Chairperson & Professor of International Law and Global Political Studies, Vienna, Austria. He has authored six books (for American and European publishers) & numerous articles on geopolitics, energy and technology. Editor of the NY based GHIR (Geopolitics, History and Intl. Relations) Journal & Editorial Board Member of several similar specialised magazines on three continents. His 7th book, ‘From WWI to www. – Europe and the World 1918-2018’ was released last year.
Editor’s Note: The article reflects the author’s opinion only, and not necessarily the views of the editorial opinion of Belt & Road News.