French President Emmanuel Macron arrived in Beijing on Monday to begin a 3 day Official State visit in which he is expected to discuss trade and climate issues with his Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Afterwards, he will attend an Import Expo in Shanghai alongside incoming EU Trade Commissioner Phil Hogan and the Prime Ministers of Serbia & Greece.

Their presence is significant because Athens has already signed an agreement over the “Belt & Road Initiative.”

Beijing’s global plan to gain trade, influence and international standing in Asia and Europe. Italy is already a member, and European leaders are worried that it may undermine trade among EU member states.

“The Élysée Palace in Paris has been insisting that the commercial dimension of this visit is really their priority and that’s why the French President is travelling with 50 business leaders from France, including the Heads of like Loreal, Airbus and also the Pharmaceutical giant Sanofi,” she said. President Macron is also expected to continue advocating on behalf of French farmers, Borges notes.

“President Macron was the one who managed to negotiate the end of a 17 year boycott of French beef in China in his first State visit last year.” This will be the third time the French President and Chinese President Xi met so far this year, signalling a straight and close relationship between the two leaders.