Chinese President Xi Jinping condemned the recent attacks on Saudi Oil facilities, calling on relevant parties to refrain from taking any actions that may escalate tensions in the region.

President Xi made the remarks in phone talks with Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, who briefed him about the incident. The attacks on Saudi oil facilities have had an impact on the situation in the Gulf region and on the international energy market, he said.

President Xi said he hopes for a comprehensive, objective and just investigation into the attacks, urging relevant parties to jointly maintain peace and stability in the region.

The Chinese President also noted that China-Saudi Arabia ties have witnessed all-round and fast growth in recent years, saying the two countries enjoy a comprehensive strategic partnership and are important cooperation partners in jointly building the Belt & Road.

China appreciates Saudi Arabia’s adherence to the one-China principle and its valuable support over issues concerning China’s core interests and major concerns, President Xi said, adding that China also firmly supports the Saudi efforts to safeguard its national sovereignty, security and stability.

President Xi said China has always viewed and developed China-Saudi Arabia ties from a strategic height and with a long-term vision, adding that the Chinese side is willing to maintain communications with the Saudi side, and inject new vitality into bilateral ties and the development of bilateral cooperation.

For his part, King Salman said Saudi Arabia-China ties are solid and sound. The Saudi side firmly adheres to the one-China principle, and will continue to give China firm support on issues related to China’s core interests, he said.

The Saudi side hopes that the comprehensive strategic partnership between the two countries will be further developed, King Salman said.