Chinese President Xi Jinping reportedly promoted the China Communist Party’s agenda during President Joe Biden’s virtual Leaders Summit on Climate Change held on Thursday.

President Xi spoke about China’s Belt & Road Initiative (BRI) during the said Summit that was attended by various world leaders invited by Biden to Celebrate Earth Day and discuss means of addressing Climate Change and decreasing global pollution rates.

President Xi also promoted the “Green Belt & Road” that China offers for profit through “‘green infrastructure in developing countries” as solution to environmental issues.

“We must be committed to multilateralism. We need to work on the basis of international law, follow the principle of equity and justice, and focus on effective actions. We need to deliver social equity and justice in the cause of green transition and increase people’s sense of benefit, happiness, and security,” President Xi said during the Summit.

He also said that developed countries need to increase climate ambition and action, which was ironic given that China is responsible for 28% of the world’s carbon dioxide emissions but as per some concerned Scientist China is the world’s biggest polluter, with its rate twice as large as that of the United States.

China is said to be permitted by the Paris Climate Agreement to increase its carbon emissions over the next decade.

Former US President Donald Trump withdrew participation in the Paris Climate Agreement only to be reversed by Biden in his first days of office.

In addition, Xi stressed that “China will strive to peak carbon dioxide emissions before 2030” and called on world leaders to be “committed to harmony between man and nature” through “systemic governance” and “multilateralism.”

“Green mountains are gold mountains. To protect the environment is to protect productivity and to improve the environment is to boost productivity. The truth is as simple as that. We need to make sure that a sound environment is there to buttress sustainable economic and social development worldwide,” Xi added.

“We must be committed to systemic governance. China looks forward to working with the international community, including the United States, to join the alliance global environmental governance,” he said.

According to some Western Governments & Media, China’s Belt & Road Initiative is a “debt trap program” for it provides developing countries “predatory loans” in exchange for “help” in building infrastructure.

The loans are often used by countries, mostly from Africa, Southeast Asia & Latin America, for construction services usually for transportation improvements like highways, railways, and ports.

Xi did not, however, mention during Biden’s Thursday summit their meat markets and wild animal consumption policies that, “lend themselves to illegal wildlife sales and allow on-site animal butchering for meat and which the CCP had not banned despite the pandemic.

President Xi declared in an economic summit held in China this week that the BRI will be used “to create universal ‘rules and standards’ along the paths BRI projects created” that international experts have warned as a “significant risk to global ecology.”

Author: Anton Carillo