President Xi Jinping has underlined the importance of adhering to the general direction of relations between China and the European Union from a strategic perspective and appropriately managing their differences, as opportunities as well as challenges are envisaged for their ties in the future.

President Xi in a telephonic conversation with the Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez during on Wednesday that he hoped the Spanish government would continue to play its constructive role in promoting the steady and lasting development of China-EU Relations.

Despite the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, huge potential has been revealed from pragmatic cooperation between China and the EU, President Xi said, noting that the basic idea of China-EU ties that feature cooperation based on win-win results should be maintained.

China stands ready to expand two-way trade exchanges with Spain, promote cooperative projects in areas such as port logistics and smart cities, strengthen third-party market cooperation in Latin America and Africa, and deepen bilateral people-to-people exchanges, he said.

Xi also stressed strengthening political party exchanges and the sharing of governance experience between the two countries, which would further improve global governance.

Sanchez said that it is more necessary than ever for all countries to unite and cooperate and safeguard multilateralism in the face of severe challenges brought by the pandemic.

Spain welcomes investment from Chinese companies and will continue to play a positive role in pushing forward the development of the EU-China strategic partnership, Sanchez said.