The Four Day Conference of the Chinese Communist Party ended with President Xi Jinping’s speech in which he put innovation at the center of country modernization to develop the country as a powerhouse by making domestic spending and tech self-sufficient.

President Xi Jinping has once again sparked the discussion by presenting his plan for 2035 that he will remain in the Presidential post all his life.

President Xi has never said anything clearly about his plan, but has indicated enough that he is not ready to walk away from power even after completing his second term in 2022.

He also indicated this when he amended the constitution to eliminate the maximum two-term limit, which was incorporated by 1982 Deng Xiao Ping. Under this, no one could become president more than twice. The move sparked speculation that 67 year old Xi Jinping could remain President for a lifetime.

Apart from the president, Xi Jinping, who held the post of army chief and party general secretary, has already become the second most powerful leader after Communist Party founder Mao Zedong. In October 2017, Xi became the second Chinese leader after Mao whose ideas were included in the party’s charter during his tenure.

President Xi firmly established his seal of authority in the party plenary when he got party leadership to end the system of collective leadership, to protect the Chinese people from autocratic rule similar to Mao Zedong’s years in power, Deng Xiaoping A safety shield offered by.

President Xi Jinping’s dominance in party plenary became even stronger when he got the right to abolish the collective leadership that Deng Xiao Ping had established as a shield to protect from autocratic rule like Mao Tse Tung.

This year he opened the Xi Jinping Research Center for Diplomatic Thought which equaled his philosophy to Mao.

The Conference behind closed doors of the China Communist Party consists of 204 members of the Central Committee and 172 alternate members, and the annual meeting reviews the policies of the party and the government.

In previous conferences, there were also indications about leadership succession, but this time it has not been done. The fifth plenary session document has a long-term focus by 2035, by which time Xi would have been 82 years old, at which age Mao died in 1976.

China watchers see the aggression of South China Sea, Hong-Kong, Taiwan and Beijing along the Indian border with Xi’s ambition to become a superpower in front of the US, which is exposed to its signature projects such as the Belt & Road Initiative.

For this, China wants to make its cities smart through 5G and Artificial Intelligence and wants to connect more and more Countries to the Chinese Financial System.

Author: Bhavi Mandalia
Editor’s Note: The article reflects the author’s opinion only, and not necessarily the views of the editorial opinion of Belt & Road News.