Qatar’s National Carrier; Qatar Airways said it is actively expanding flights to more Chinese Cities as it has seen strong travel demand from China, It will move to gigantic New Beijing Daxing International Airport in summer next year.

It hopes to have deeper cooperation with its partner, the Guangzhou based State owned China Southern Airlines, which will gradually move all of its flights to Daxing Airport & will command a 40 percent share at the New Airport.

China has been an important transfer passenger source, and the number of transfer passengers has been growing steadily, the carrier said.

In Qatar Airways Global Network, China has the third-largest number of flights, just behind India and the United States. Every week, the carrier operates 45 flights connecting seven Chinese Cities: Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Hangzhou, Chongqing and Hong Kong with its Middle Eastern hub in Doha.

Chinese consumers play an important role in today’s Global Tourism Market

“Chinese consumers play an important role in today’s global tourism market. China has been a critical market for us,” said Joshua Law, Vice President of Qatar Airways North Asia Operations.

“We are confident about future growth potential, and plan to launch more flights to China and add frequencies to the current flights. We are also open to cooperate with more Chinese partners in the future.”

“Many of the new flights we have launched would help the growth of the Economies involved in the Belt & Road Initiative, and provide more convenience for passengers from those Countries and Regions and the people who go there. We also expect to embrace more business growth opportunities,” Law said.

On the other hand, at a time when many domestic carriers have reduced their investment in in-flight catering services, Qatar Airways has elevated the flying experience of its economy class passengers.

Foreign Airlines are being encouraged to launch International Flights at the New Daxing Airport, with an option to operate at Beijing’s two airports, according to the Civil Aviation Administration of China.

So far, British Airways, Finnair and Polish Airlines are some of the prominent names that figure among the carriers that have moved their operations to the Daxing Airport. U.S. carrier Delta Air Lines said it would move to the new airport in March next year.