2019 Belt and Road International Economic & Trade Cooperation Event in Quzhou – China (Western Zhejiang’s, Quzhou City) was held with the theme “An Open Channel, A Smart Garden” as a three day event.

The Event was held to introduce Quzhou’s business friendly environment to the world.

“Up to now, Quzhou has 13 sister cities around the world, and has built connections with more than 50 countries’ consulates general in Shanghai,” said Lyu Xinhua, Chairman of the China’s Council for Promoting South-South Cooperation (CPSSC), at the second Belt and Road International Economic and Trade Cooperation Forum, which was a major activity of the event.

The event attracted government officials and business leaders from over 18 countries in middle-eastern Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Africa.

Dr. Yok Yee Chan, Consul General of the Republic of Fiji in Shanghai, said that “the event gives us a great opportunity and a platform to promote Fiji.”

“China is Fiji’s third biggest trading partner and also the biggest source of foreign direct investment in the past few years. We think that apart from trading goods, it’s also important for people in both countries and both cities to know each other’s culture, history and other aspects to strengthen bilateral relations,” Dr. Chan said.

Dr. Chan highlighted Fiji’s endorsement of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).

“Fiji is one of the first Countries in the Pacific to sign the BRI at the highest level”

So, we hope that based on the political, trade and people-to-people ties, the bilateral relations between Fiji and China will share a promising future,” she said.

During the event, Quanzhou’s business friendly environment left a deep impression on participants.

Néstor Enrique Torres Olivera, Consul General of the Republic of Cuba in Shanghai, told  that “with its wonderful international trade and economic centre, Quzhou has made a very good first step in venturing abroad and become a global city.”

“We are opening our economy to foreign investment, particularly those from China,” he said.

“We have already established cooperation in the field of medical services with China, as we have our doctors in Anhui and Jiangsu provinces. This is a very promising field of cooperation between Cuba and China,” he said.

In 2018, Quzhou ranked fourth in the National Business Environment Trial Evaluation after Beijing, Shanghai, and Xiamen. It ranked top among all participating prefecture-level cities in this field.

Last year, Quzhou conducted trade with 208 countries and regions globally, the value of which exceeded 35 billion yuan ($5.12 billion).

In particular, the trade of goods between Quzhou and BRI countries reached 12.75 billion yuan.