China’s Belt & Road Initiative (BRI) is playing a crucial role in meeting the growing demand for infrastructure development worldwide. Global Data Provider Refinitiv is tracking $3.16 trillion worth of active BRI Projects that will require billions of dollars of financing.

Chinese Private Companies and Publicly listed Companies accounted for 20.5 percent and nearly 7 percent, respectively, of all funding for BRI projects, according to the Refinitiv’s BRI database, underlining that Belt & Road Projects are no longer the preserve of Chinese State Owned Companies (SOEs).

SOEs continue to play an important role, though, accounting for 46 percent of all funding.

The Database showed that the transportation sector accounts for 47 percent of all BRI projects with 1,235 projects valued at $1.8 trillion proposed, planned and underway followed by power and water ($893 billion).

Russia is the top destination for BRI Developments, in number and value terms, with 122 projects valued at $287 billion, according to the Database. Egypt was second in terms of a number of projects with 109 projects valued at just under $100 billion.

The Country was ranked 7th in terms of the value of Projects.