Sunday, February 28, 2021
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Hong Kong
European Union & China Flag Blocks

Promoting European Strategic Sovereignty in Asia

The continuing rise of China and the onset of the pandemic have made asserting European Strategic Sovereignty in Asia ever more...
Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s Intermediary Role on Funding BRI: How does it Fare against Singapore?

A look into the intermediary role of Hong Kong in financing cross-border Belt & Road Initiative Projects and compare it with...
Belt & Road Network (Belt & Road)

Belt & Road: An Initiative in Numbers

Better economics is reinvigorating China’s investment in Belt & Road Projects. Discover how economics is reinvigorating China’s ambitious plan to connect the...

Bolstering Resilience in The Indo-Pacific

The 30th Round of Australia-United States Ministerial Consultations (AUSMIN) will soon take place amid immense global disruption and unprecedented domestic pressures...

How should China Deal with Regional Challenges toward its Rise?

As East Asia's Largest Economy, China encounters economic competition from regional powers such as Japan and India. It also faces US...
President Trump & President Xi

Post-Corona Epilogue of an Overheated Sino-American Relationship

We have a Winner; Will we have a Game-changer too? Americans performed three very different policies on the People’s Republic: From a...
World Leaders Group Photo at G20 2019 Summit Osaka

Shaping the Post-COVID World Together

One of three scenarios sketching possible directions of the global system post-COVID-19, because the crisis is still unfolding, these represent a...
Rama IX Road - Bangkok

Navigating Great Power competition in Southeast Asia

The Brookings Institution has launched a new trilateral initiative with experts from Southeast Asia, Australia, and the United States to examine...
Port - China

A Tale of Three Ports: The Impact of the Belt & Road Initiative

The UNPO has released the report: A Tale of Three Ports: The Impact of the Belt & Road Initiative on Unrepresented...
Second Belt & Road Forum

China’s Overseas Economic activities and the Belt & Road Initiative

Governance and Regulation of China’s Overseas Economic Activities and the Belt and Road Initiative: Managing the Impacts In spite of hype and...