Time-honored food brands in the city are anticipating a Spring consumption boom and spending revival with new agreements and products.

Shanghai First Food will introduce the latest and more diversified foods from around the globe under a strategic cooperation agreement signed with Foodaily over the weekend.

Shanghai First Food operates Shanghai First Foodhall with a history dating to 1954, a time-honored food store on Nanjing Road Pedestrian Mall. Foodaily is a food industry service provider which runs a global new product resource platform.

The cooperation with the food platform will enable tourists to have more diversified options at the time-honored food shop when shopping on the iconic pedestrian mall, said Le Qun, general manager of Shanghai First Food. City residents will also be able to buy their favourite latest delicacies like snacks from around the world.

He said more international innovation food brands will be introduced to the shop under the Belt & Road Initiative. A global food experience shop will open around early June under the agreement with the location yet to be announced.

Some time-honored brands have put zongzi, the traditional glutinous rice dumplings eaten during the Dragon Boat Festival, onto shelves although there is still more than one month to go with the festival falling on June 14 this year.

The 95-year-old Sunya Cantonese Restaurant has started the offering of zongzi with a variety of fillings such as pork, salted egg yolk and pork, red bean and jujube.

A “Big Mac” of the zongzi field weighing 280 grams compared with the typical 160 to 200 grams on the market with four big pieces of pork wrapped inside is among the best sold so far, the restaurant said.

It said new flavors are still being developed and will be launched soon.

Author: Hu Min