The Círculo Intercultural Hispano Árabe (CIHAR) presented last Tuesday 18th February at the Centro Riojano; Conference on The New ‘Silk Road’: Economic & Sociocultural Issues, given by Ángel Rodríguez, Professor of the fundamentals of economic analysis at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and Member of the School of Economic Intelligence at this University.

With a room full of attendees, the Member of Culture of the Centro Riojano, Luis Fernando Leza, took the floor, highlighting the relations of the Centre with the Diplomatic Corps.

Next, Juan Ignacio Vecino, Director of the Magazine Patrimonio Actual and member of the International Dance Council of UNESCO, spoke about the Silk Road from the point of view of the World Heritage.

In the words of the Speaker, Professor Ángel Rodríguez, this conference on the new Silk Road (the Belt & Road Initiative) was in fact “an excuse to make a ‘research trip’ to the new realities that are developing in the geographical and economic space of the Eurasian continent.

The journey includes three distinctive elements of these new realities: demography, economy and technology.

Today’s demography and economy take us back to a world very similar to the one that Marco Polo and Ibn Battuta travelled through 700 years ago. Technology, however, leads us to a radically different reality from that of those times.

A reality that is characterised by a kind of ‘technological adolescence’, where the immediacy of information prevails over its analysis.

“The interaction of these three forces,” the professor continued, “will produce a world that is very different not only from the world of the 20th century but from the Eurocentric world of the last 500 years.

It will most likely be a better and more connected world, but also a more claustrophobic one. A world in which the rules of political and cultural coexistence will be more important than ever if social and territorial stability is to be guaranteed on the Eurasian continent”.

The event was attended by the Ambassador of Nicaragua, Carlos Midence, and representatives of the Embassies of Thailand, Chile, Azerbaijan, Malaysia and Belgium.