Secretary General of the Chinese-Arab Association pointing to the United States’ unilateral sanctions on the Islamic Republic of Iran emphasised the cooperation and participation in the framework of Silk Road was the centrepiece of cooperation between China and Iran against the US.

In an interview, Chen Xinhui referred to the need for China’s cooperation with Iran in the future and Beijing’s aid for Iran’s countering US sanctions,and said that China in line with the development of the Silk Road can create a lot of economic and business opportunities for Iran as Tehran will not be harmed by US sanctions by participating in it.

He added that China, on the way to developing the old Silk Road, or the plan of a ‘One Road, One Belt’, attracts partners from other countries, and offers an ideal opportunity for other countries in the region, including Iran, as one of China’s old friends.

Referring to the fact that the two countries’ governments and companies are working closely together in the context of the new Silk Road, Xinhui went on to say that China and Iran have long been cooperating in the Silk Road, and now also the relations of the two countries will continue on this path.