The Silk Road, a darkly networked market, has always been placed in a prominent position on the cryptocurrency market, mainly because of its contribution to the adoption of Bitcoin [BTC]. Cryptocurrency was the only means of payment on the Silk Road for services ranging from drugs to murder contracts. Ross Ulbricth – founder of the website under the name Dread Pirate Roberts. Ulbricth was quickly convicted of seven counts of Silk Road operations, including money laundering and computer hacking. Ulbricth was also charged with murder for murder, which was subsequently fired in July 2018.

Ulbricth was eventually sentenced to life imprisonment plus forty years and no parole. However, the sentence provoked a massive outcry in space, with the majority saying it was too harsh to be found guilty of all non-violent charges. In addition, appeals were launched on the subject, but were rejected by the court, the latter having been rejected by the United States Supreme Court earlier this year.

Nevertheless, Ross Ulbricth has not given up on withdrawing from prison, especially with his leniency application receiving more and more support as the days go by. The operator of the famous darknet market place has been put in contact with the space through letters posted on Twitter. The latest one was sent to Roger Ver, founder of, who is a known supporter of the #FreeRoss campaign.

In his letter, Ulbricth asked Ver to help convince the President of the United States of America.

“My best hope now is to convince the president to commute his sentence and I want to show him, as well as the public, that I have the support of the crypto community with the support of Lin and my girlfriend, Caroline. we mount some video clips of influential people in crypto.

He adds:“Despite the fact that we have lost the legal battle, I am more optimistic than ever that relief will come, thank you for standing behind all these years, it matters a lot”