The 10th Sino-European Entrepreneurs Summit (SEES) on Monday kicked off in London with the focus on China-Europe business cooperation in the new era.

China and Europe share broad consensus on major issues such as improving global economic governance, upholding multilateralism and advocating free trade.

Chinese Ambassador to Britain Liu Xiaoming said in his opening remarks.

Both sides should enhance mutual trust, work together to take the lead in innovation-driven industrial upgrading, and enhance open cooperation and share development opportunities, said Liu.

“Together, we could create a prosperous future for China-UK relations and together, we could build a new era for China-Europe cooperation,” said Liu.

British Minister for Investment Graham Stuart said the British government is committed to making the country truly global, independent and open.

“We want to help all Chinese investors, large and small, from tech start-ups to asset management firms and advanced manufacturers, to invest in our vibrant economy or base your businesses here,” said Stuart.

He also said Britain is a natural partner of China and will provide support in implementing the Belt and Road initiative (BRI).

Long Yongtu, former Chinese Deputy Minister of Commerce, said that in the face of severe economic conditions, Sino-British cooperation is still imperative.

Former British Prime Minister and UN Special Envoy for Global Education Gordon Brown said at the summit that the West still needs to strengthen cooperation with China in the future.

Britain and China should engage in dialogues on finance, strategic energy, immigration and study abroad to reach more trade agreements, said Brown.

Brown also said the BRI will play an important role in the world financial and political landscape.

He suggested that the West and China cooperate in the development and utilisation of new energy resources to help Africa reduce poverty.

The six-day summit has brought together over 500 Chinese and European politicians, entrepreneurs, experts, and scholars to discuss topics including China’s opening-up policy and global economic environment.

Coordinated development of China-Europe financial institutions, future urban construction and sustainable development, China’s economic transformation, and China-Europe science and technology innovation.