Some people in the United States are trying to throw obstacles into China’s economic development, and one of their moves is passing the so called Hong Kong democracy bill, according to an American expert.

William Jones, Washington Bureau Chief of Executive Intelligence Review, said in an interview with China Central Television on Monday that such moves of meddling in China’s domestic affairs are “dangerous”.

“Well the act is a very dangerous thing because it’s an attempt by the congress to really gain some kind of control over developments in Hong Kong. They want to have a stranglehold over Hong Kong.

This is not the first time that this legislation has been put forward, because the people who were behind it are people who have spent their careers trying to get at China, trying to bash China,” he said.

However, Jones says the U.S. would not stop such moves considering its history of meddling in the national affairs of other countries. “Unfortunately America has had a history of interfering in the national affairs of other countries. We saw most recently for instance in Ukraine and other places where colour revolutions were heavily supported by the United States, directly and indirectly,” said Jones.

Jones warned those people who are trying to sabotage China’s development to stay away from Hong Kong affairs.

“But the issue on Hong Kong, the important thing is that Hong Kong is extremely important for the People’s Republic of China in a variety of ways: one, it is an access to the international markets, it’s one of the major financial centres of the world.

It is being integrated of course into the Greater Bay Area project, which would make of that entire region the biggest bay area in the world; and there are certain people here who see that coming, and who want to throw a monkey wrench, to throw obstacle into that happening.

And they feel in that way, that they are going to undercut the Belt & Road Initiative, they are going to undercut the influence that China has gained through the initiative, making it more impossible for China to finance some of these projects, and in that way really sabotaging China’s economic development,” said Jones.

The U.S. Senate on Nov. 19 passed the so called Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act of 2019 despite stern representations and strong opposition from China.