South Sudan can benefit from the Belt & Road Initiative as the country implements a long term Development Strategy, John Andruga Duku, South Sudan’s Ambassador to China has said.

Juba could benefit from the Belt & Road Initiative that has the potential to hasten transformation of the strife-torn nation.

Duku said that Juba will harness opportunities presented by the Belt & Road Initiative to hasten reconstruction and enhance the resilience of local communities to climatic shocks.

“We are now a member of the Belt & Road Initiative and we will continue to be involved in this and we will play our role constructively. We urge Chinese investors to put South Sudan as one of the area destinations for travelling,” said Duku.

Duku said South Sudan considers Beijing a dependable ally and it is seeking to promote equal tourism, in which Chinese called it rural area tourism or village tourism, noting that the East African nation is unique with untapped resources.

“This is a country which has been blessed with a lot of opportunities. A lot of birds to see. We are urging our Chinese investors to invest in South Sudan,” said Duku.

“The parties are working hard to end the conflict and once the stability is there we will be looking for good relationship with all our neighbours,” he added.

South Sudan shares a border with Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Central African Republic and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

“All these countries have the potential for Belt & Road Initiative. I appeal to Chinese investors to make South Sudan a destination for their business,” said Duku.