In today’s society, culture has become more and more important. How to better develop the culture of the country and attract the attention of the world has become the national strategy.Culture has a more important significance in all fields.

An excellent national culture also plays an important role in the process of economic exchanges.With the development of China, China has put forward the “The Belt & Road Initiative” that is highly valued at home and abroad.

The proposal of initiative has brought new challenges and opportunities for the spread of Chinese culture. How to make Chinese culture better spread in Asian countries along the “The Belt & Road” has become the focus of research.

Therefore, through the literature, case analysis, expert survey, logic analysis and other research methods, this paper studies the spread of Chinese culture in the Asian countries along the “The Belt & Road Initiative”. Analyse the cultural status quo in Asian countries along the “The Belt and Road”and explore the gains and losses of cultural communication.

The study found that the “The Belt and Road”is an effective platform for Chinese culture to spread in Asian countries along the route and can enhance the soft power of Chinese culture. The improvement of cultural soft power can also promote the construction of the “The Belt and Road”, which plays a good role in China’s economic and image building.

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