Silk Road International Film Festival (SRIFF) is held annually in Dublin, Ireland. SRIFF celebrates world cinema where we discover new films and voices from around the world.

As well as screening international films there is a “Silk Road Panorama” of films from countries part of the historical network of the Silk Road ancient trade routes. The Panorama includes  Asian, Middle Eastern, African, Mediterranean and European cinema.

The Silk Road changed history, largely because the people who managed to travel along its routes planted their cultures like seeds of exotic species carried to distant lands. Today, the Silk Road International Film Festival brings together filmmakers and creators from around the world to introduce their countries’ cultures and traditions through their films and carry out the Silk Road legacy of sharing and exchange.

Cinema is a reflection of society. Every country has stories to tell – about their past, their culture now and views of what the future will look like through their eyes. Film, therefore, holds a truly unique place in the story of our civilisation. It is an art, a language, a medium for education and collaboration.

The Silk Road International Film Festival brings an eclectic range of films to the audience – rich diversity of features, documentaries, animations, shorts and student films.  Apart from film screenings, the SRIFF features masterclasses & chats with industry guests.

Besides creating a platform for international filmmakers to network and promote their work, the Silk Road International Film Festival gives student filmmakers an opportunity to showcase their work on an international scale.

The Festival is a caravanserai where people from different backgrounds, speaking different languages, and having varied interests can nonetheless stop for a moment on their life’s journey, gather with others, trade and share their art, knowledge, and perspectives.

Audiences are able to engage with new traditions and cultures by finding parallels with their own. This is why we believe that the Festival can provide a framework for how intercultural understanding and collaboration can be forged even outside the realm of cinema. The festival directors hope to narrow distances between people and cultures, to break boundaries and foster cross-cultural collaboration and social change.

The Festival is also a place to learn. Visitors, filmmakers, artists, and organisers alike share in the highly mutual act of learning about people, traditions, and ideas that, seemingly distant, become quite familiar.

We hope that followers of the Silk Road International Film Festival will be inspired & learn from other countries cinema and culture.


Location: Dublin, Ireland.
5th to 9th February, 2019.


  • Feature
  • Documentary
  • Animation
  • Short
  • Student Film

World renowned filmmakers attend each year to give masterclasses, previous guests have included Mahmoud Kalari, Vittorio Storaro & Béla Tarr.


Exhibitions, chats with industry guests, masterclasses and seminars.


Support & promote the multinational production alliance under the China’s “Belt & Road” Initiative. At the 20th Shanghai International Film Festival, film festivals and film institution representatives from 14 “The Belt and Road” countries signed a MOU on “The Belt and Road” Film Culture Exchange.


A union of Film Festivals around the world, to promote talents in film making.

Benefits of Silk Road International Film Festival:

Audiences are able to engage with new cultures.

Promotes intercultural cinema which in turn promotes dialog; bridges cultures, and bridges minds.

Enriches humanity, expands people’s horizons and brings together cultures and communities through exploring our differences

Encourages cross-disciplinary encounters, professional collaborations and cultural entrepreneurship.

Facilitates international contact between filmmakers

Art and cinema effortlessly cross geographical borders and could have the power to solve economic and political challenges by creating opportunities for co-productions and cross-region and cross-country collaborations.

SRIFF seeks the edge where the arts, cinema and business come together to spark new ways of looking at the world.

Facilitates tourism, enterprise, arts, cultural exchanges & social inclusion.

The Silk Road International Film Festival aspires to continue the Silk Road cultural heritage, which in its heyday sustained a multicultural collaboration that strung together diverse groups.

Today, more than two thousand years after it originated, we invite you to travel along the new Silk Road with us through the Silk Road International Film Festival.