Saturday, March 6, 2021
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Hong Kong
Digitalizing Economy

Digitalizing Trade during Coronavirus

Saturday marks the entry into force of a new international agreement promoting paperless trade, reminding us, once again, of how the...
Pakistan's Remote Sensing Satellite-1 (PRSS-1)

Pakistan-China Space Cooperation

Space Cooperation between China and Pakistan dates back to over two decades. Pakistan’s first indigenously developed Satellite Badar-1 was launched from...
Huawei Logo

Huawei Digitally Connects Pakistan beyond India’s Reach

New Silk Road Fiber Optic Cable Project eases Pakistan’s Cyber-Security concerns with India but raises new ones with China. China is poised...
Digital Belt & Road

Tracking Digital Component of Belt & Road in Central Asia

Exporting “Safe Cities” to Uzbekistan Following the 2013 announcement of the Belt & Road Initiative (BRI) at a speech given by People’s...
BeiDou Navigation Satellite

China Agreed to Iran’s usage of Beidou Satellite Systems

The close cooperation between China and Iran continues to develop in different fields such as the fight against coronavirus, the One...
Silk EV - Model S9 (Belt & Road)

China’s First Belt & Road Electric Vehicle Project

A new engineering and design startup called Silk EV headquartered in Italy’s venerable Motor Valley is more than just another attempt...
BeiDou Satellites Model (Belt & Road)

After Belt & Road, Iran now gets access to BeiDou

The cooperation between China and Iran in various fields, including fight against coronavirus, trade exchanges under the Belt & Road Initiative...
Long March-5 Rocket, Wenchang Space Launch Center - Hainan

China is about to catch-up with U.S Mars Capability

From Mission Mars to the beginnings of a New Space Station, this year will be full of milestones for China. 2021 promises...
South Asia Satellite GSAT 9

Tianxun – A Constellation of 72 Commercial Satellites for BRI?

China launched on Thursday Phase One of the Country's Tianxun Project designed to send a Civil Constellation of 72 Commercial Satellites...
Digital Belt & Road

Digital Silk Road: Afghanistan & Turkmenistan Connects

Thursday marked another milestone in Afghanistan’s modern history when President Ashraf Ghani inaugurated the new fibre-optic connection between Turkmenistan and the...