In a bid to bolster the local telecommunications sector, Telecom Cambodia, a state corporation, yesterday signed a memorandum of understanding with Chinese-owned Southeast Asia Telecommunications, or Seatel.

The MOU aims to advance the development of the local ICT sector and help Cambodia come in line with regional standards.

It also seeks to support TC’s growth locally and regionally and paves the way for future public-private partnerships to develop telecommunications infrastructure, said Sok Puthyvuth, Secretary of State of Ministry of Posts and TC Chairman.

Mr. Puthyvuth said the agreement enables TC to use Seatel’s data centre to improve the country’s e-government capabilities and digital economy infrastructure.

Secretary Sok Puthyvuth & Yao Yue Jin
Photo: Secretary of State of Ministry of Posts & TC Chairman, Sok Puthyvuth with Mr. Yao Yue Jin, Chairman Seatel, Cambodia.

“The agreement will allow us to expand our digital infrastructure, improve Internet speeds, the e-commerce sector, and our e-government capabilities as well as strengthen cybersecurity.

“To do this we need more investment in the fibre optic cable network,” Mr Puthyvuth said.

Yao Yue Jin, Seatel, Chairman, said his company will continue to invest in the Kingdom because of the good relationship between Cambodia and China under the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).

“We will continuing pushing the development of the mobile telecommunications sector and the Internet in Cambodia for the benefit of all Cambodian people,” Mr Yao said.

He said Seatel has invested about $300 million to build a 12,000-kilometre fibre optic cable network across the country.

“In the next five year, Seatel will invest an additional $200 million to further the development of the telecom industry and provide access to stable and affordable high speed internet anywhere in Cambodia,” Mr Yao added.

“As part of this cooperation, Seatel will lend its expertise and infrastructure to boost cloud services and e-government capabilities in Cambodia.”

Tram Iv Tek, the Minister of Posts and Telecommunications, welcomed the agreement, saying that TC and Seatel will work on projects that serve the public, support the government and advance the ICT sector.