The Teochew International Federation vowed to continue aiding the development of Teochew Enterprises while contributing to the rejuvenation of China, at its meeting on Sunday at the Hong Kong Ocean Park Marriott Hotel.

The International Federation promotes entrepreneurs who speak Teochew a dialect spoken in eastern Guangdong and by their diaspora around the world.

Hundreds of Teochew Entrepreneurs from around the world attended the forum.

“Globally, there have been many famous Teochew enterprises, as well as entrepreneurs,” Chen Younan, the Federation’s Executive Chairman, said at the forum.

Teochew Entrepreneurs are known for their hard work and business skill, Chen said.

He continued that China is now committed to advancing the development of the Belt & Road Initiative, as well as the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area construction, and Teochew entrepreneurs will spare no effort in contributing to this.

Teochew entrepreneurs, who are deeply rooted in Hong Kong, and Southeast Asian countries, will draw on their connections in business communities to contribute to China, he said.

Wu Kaisong said the Organisation for Economic Cooperation of International Teochew Commerce& Industry, of which he is the executive director, is working to help Teochew enterprises in investing in Belt and Road as well as Bay Area projects.

To support more Teochew businessmen’s involvement in BRI construction, the Chaoshan Chambers of Commerce in Shenzhen and Beijing have together set up a fund to help investment in Southeast Asian countries.

The fund, headquartered in Hong Kong and Shenzhen, could reach 100 billion yuan ($14.16 billion)

Wu said his organisation intends to “seize the historic opportunities generated from the BRI as well as the development of the Bay Area, to facilitate and encourage more Teochew private capital to contribute to the country’s greatest blueprint”.

Zhang Yikun, chairman of the organisation, said the Bay Area has created many new opportunities for Teochew businessmen and his organisation will help them with any difficulties from the region’s different legal systems and currencies.