An Asia Society Long Conversation in cooperation with Credit Suisse.

Much has been written about China’s ¨Belt and Road Initiative¨ the ambitious but also shape-shifting initiative aimed at upgrading the world’s connectivity infrastructure. After a little over five years, the project has expanded to include a ¨Polar Silk Road¨ and a ¨Digital Silk Road¨, among many other things.

Yet much remains unclear about the BRI: How much money is actually being invested? Is the motivation behind the initiative political, economic or both? Will it bring opportunities for Switzerland and Swiss companies or does it pose challenges?

Join us as we explore these questions through the format of a ¨long conversation¨: A half-day event combining keynotes and a series of one-on-one conversations on stage between academics, thinkers, politicians and business representatives.

Date: April 02, 2019
Time: 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM EST
Location: Credit Suisse Forum St. Peter, St. Peterstrasse 19, 8001 Zurich – Switzerland.
Organiser: Asia Society Switzerland
Registration Fee: CHF 160. Special Deal for S-GE Members (Regular Ticket 190)
Event Language: English


Bruno Maçães:
Former Portuguese Europe Minister & author of book ¨Belt & Road: A Chinese World Order.¨

Theresa Fallon:
Founder and director of the Centre for Russia Europe Asia Studies in Brussels.

Zengxin Li:
Editor of international business news and editorial board member at Caixin Media.

Tobias Dennehy:
Head of Global Belt and Road Task Force of Siemens.

Agatha Kratz:
Associate Director at Rhodium Group and an Adjunct Fellow in the Reconnecting Asia Project at the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

Markus Herrmann:
China consultant as well as Co-Head of the Asia program of the Swiss Forum of Foreign Policy.

Michael O’Sullivan:
CIO for the International Wealth Management Division at Credit Suisse.

This Event is Co-Hosted by Credit Suisse.