Russian Administration of the Northern Route, the LNG Service Rudolf-Samoïlovitch, flying the flag of the Bahamas, left the Russian Port of Sabetta on December 6, within the Peninsula of Yamal, with its load of liquefied pure fuel, certain for the Belgian Port of Zeebrugge, which he reached on the night of December 13.

The Rudolf-Samoïlovitch handed off Kirkenes, a small Norwegian city on the shores of the Barents Sea, adjoining to the Russian border, the place everybody wonders if this 12 months might be one: the one that may mark the takeoff of this northern seaway legendary, which warms the spirits without ever retaining its guarantees.

International transit is just not but on the rendezvous, however, the navigation has intensified, because of this liquefied fuel which advantages Europe, but in addition due to the ambitions of China which has little imposed as a number one actress within the area.

A voracious urge for food When Le Monde meets Rune Rafaelsen, the social-democratic Mayor of Kirkenes, he brandishes the doc presenting the brand new “Arctic Policy of China”.

Boosted, the Mayor of Kirkenes! As if the Chinese by growing this program extending their Silk Roads to the Far North with its appendix “Arctic Silk Road”, had been responding on to his needs: “Kirkenes will be the new Singapore! “, He rejoices.

In 2000, the United States Geological Institute launched surprising info: 23.9% of unproven oil and fuel sources are discovered within the Arctic.

At the time, the urge for food was so voracious for brand new deposits that this determine was important. It doesn’t matter that it was strongly contested.

The Arctic rush had begun. Global warming, with the melting of the pack ice, provided the chance for mineral prospecting, oil and fuel exploration and maritime navigation between Asia and Europe, by way of the north of Russia: this passage from the North East was going to rattling the pawn on the Suez Canal! Twenty years later, the craze has considerably subsided.

Until geopolitics interferes between the ice and China rubs towards the Arctic, awakening all of the nations involved

Like a ship heading straight for the pack ice, American President Donald Trump brought about the diplomatic collision by proposing, in August 2019, nothing lower than to purchase again from Denmark Greenland.

This immense autonomous territory populated by some 56,000 inhabitants, a “big real estate transaction”, “strategically interesting”, within the phrases of the previous actual property tycoon reported by Wall Street Journal.

As provocative as it’s, the proposal has not less than one curiosity, to disclose the significance that these Icy Lands nonetheless have for Washington.

More than offended in Denmark, the message was meant primarily for China, this proactive competitor with deep pockets.

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