Tianjin Port Group on the opening of the New Tianjin-Ho Chi Minh Container Liner Route, informed that Tianjin Port has reached 130 Container Routes.

Among them Belt & Road Initiative routes there are 46 Container Routes, accounting for over 30%.

Tianjin Port is a world class artificial Deep Water Port. 300,000-ton ships can enter and leave the Port freely. It has trade relations with more than 500 Ports in more than 180 Countries & Regions in the World. Of the 17.3 million TEUs of container throughput of Tianjin Port in 2019, nearly 50% of the cargo is from Ports in countries and regions along the “Belt & Road”.

Tianjin Port Group has set up a hundred marketing outlets in the hinterland, forming a sea-rail combined transport network that basically covers Jin, Shaanxi, Henan, Mongolia, Ning, Gan, Xin, Ji and other Regions, which provides logistics costs for the import and export of goods for enterprises. 2. More efficient transportation services.

Under the new crown pneumonia epidemic, Tianjin Port Group took the initiative to be a “advanced officer”, open up the “aorta”, and unblock the “microcirculation” to make the service more intimate and warmer.

The shipping volume of Haixiang Tianjin Port ’s Southeast Asian container line has resumed as usual, and the economic development of Luxiang along the “Silk Road Economic Belt” is a bright spot.

On March 10, 240 transit Japanese cars were loaded on a train at Tianjin Port and shipped to Mongolia; on March 11, the first batch of 582 foreign trade Great Wall vehicles were shipped to South America after the Spring Festival; on March 13, the newly opened The railway container train from Chifeng to Tianjin of Inner Mongolia realised “direct arrival” and exported to Europe; on March 15, the major components of the 495th and 496th Airbus A320 aircraft landed safely and efficiently at Tianjin Port.

The relevant person in charge of Tianjin Port Group stated that it will give full play to the role of the port as an important hub for the development of the national economy, help the hinterland customers and enterprises to resume work and resume production, and ensure the smooth operation of the international industrial chain and supply chain.