The White House recently released a letter to the World Health Organisation (WHO) threatening to halt funding.

Earlier today, President Donald Trump claimed that the letter has been sent already to the WHO Director General Dr. Tederos.

The letter further mentions that the only way forward for the WHO to become reliable is if it can demonstrate its independence from China. However, the last statement of the letter sounds individualistic as it still focuses on America as it reads:

“I cannot allow American taxpayer dollars to continue to finance an organisation that, in its present state, is so clearly not serving America’s interests”

Billionaire hedge fund investor Paul Tudor Jones recently told the media this month that individualism is both America’s strength and weakness amid the coronavirus pandemic and the public are seeing it unfold right before their eyes.

A Recap of WHO & U.S. Clash

Last April 14, President Donald Trump temporarily halted the WHO funding to investigate their actions in handling the coronavirus. It was found out later that they were in tandem with China as mentioned in the tweeted letter.

The specialised agency also reported that the U.S. had the highest death toll recording with almost 3,000 patients in a single day.

Just the other day, the Trump administration was open with resuming its funding but after this surprise move by the POTUS once again, we might not see it happen anytime soon.

How Influential was China Over the WHO?

According to previous reports, China played a big role in keeping its relations with the WHO. In fact, even if they had one of the lowest numbers of contributions, they seem to be in control.

Some spectators observed that relations between the WHO and China have been on the rise, with the “Health Silk Road” initiative which is part of their Belt & Road Framework. China has also expressed support for the WHO’s goal of universal health coverage by 2030.

In addition, Taiwan’s exclusion from the WHO was also evidence of Beijing’s influence, as critics say. Ever since China joined with the UN in 1971, it has regularly prevented Taiwan from membership in international organisations like the WHO on the grounds that the democratically governed island is part of China.

The recent letter that the White House sent to the WHO may have exposed their dependence on China. With the coronavirus pandemic still rampant on the world, America’s influence may have taken another hit.

If this clash between the U.S. and the WHO continues, the world may see China as one of the superpowers in control.