Turkey and China pledge to enhance their close cooperation by taking the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties this year as an opportunity by aligning the ‘Middle Corridor’ project with the Belt & Road Initiative, said Turkish Ambassador to China Abdulkadir Emin Onen while extending Lunar New Year blessings to the Chinese people.

“This is the fourth year for me serving as ambassador in China. Here, I want to specially deliver my best Spring Festival wishes to all Chinese people. I know this year is the Year of the Ox and ox presents quality including firmness, patience and industriousness,” said Onen.

Turkey, situated at the crossroads between Europe and Asia, is an important partner of building the Belt & Road.

Last December, the first cargo train bound from Turkey to China arrived in the northwestern Chinese city of Xi’an with all full loads of goods. The railway connection between China and Europe has become even more vital during the pandemic since freight trains play a crucial role in stabilizing the international logistics supply chain.

“The first export freight train took only 12 days traveling from Istanbul by the way of middle corridor to Xi’an. The current aim is to send off one train from the two places respectively every week.

We can say the launching of the freight train opened a window for the two sides to enhance connectivity and prevent disruption of the supply chain. It also shows the importance of docking the ‘Middle Corridor’ project with the Belt & Road Initiative,” said Onen.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to surge in the world, Turkey and China are carrying out sound cooperation on vaccine development to ensure its accessibility and affordability, the ambassador said.

At present, Turkey has started to inoculate the Chinese vaccines on wide-scale. Meanwhile, Turkey is developing vaccines. The two countries are developing related cooperation. We can say that Turkey and China have enhanced solidarity during the pandemic.

Based on the solidarity, the two countries became friends in adversity. So my conclusion is that how we worked under the pandemic, the bilateral relationship will be extended after the pandemic, said Onen.

Speaking of the Chinese economy, Onen said he was impressed by the fast recovery of the Chinese economy and believes that China has a very endogenous power.

The Chinese economy suffered great impact by the pandemic in the first quarter of 2020. But in the later quarters it recovered and its growth speed was amazing.

China putting forward the 14th Five-Year Plan and setting long-range goals through 2035 is based on its dual-circulation and innovation-driven development strategy. China, as a large economy, has a very strong endogenous power, said Onen.