The Prime Minister said out of 210 million population of Pakistan, around 120 million were below 35 years of age which, besides being a great potential, also required job opportunities.

He said as another advantage, Pakistan was ideally connected with the world’s two biggest markets including China and India.

He said Pakistan was on the verge of fixing its governance system and was bringing ease of doing business and cutting its costs.

He assured the Turkish investors that under redefined policies, the government would allow the investors to make money as it would create wealth thus bringing employment opportunities for the youth.

He said Pakistan was also embarking on a gigantic project to build five million housing units and Turkish construction companies were welcome to invest there too. Special Economic Zones being developed with China under Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) was another great opportunity to invest, he added.

The prime minister told the Turkish businessmen that Pakistan was one of the most diverse countries in tourism with being home to half of the world’s 12 highest mountain peaks.

It is also a centre of Buddhism, Sikh, Hindu tourism and was rich of the oldest Indus Valley Civilisation.

Citing centuries old ties between Turks and this region, the prime minister said Turks had been the part of ruling elite for hundreds of years and the people of sub-continent donated money when Turkey was fighting for its independence.

Later, the prime minister, along with his team also responded to the questions from the audience.