A UN Environment Programme (UNEP) official has hailed the Chinese Government’s efforts to combat Air Pollution.

Sonja Leighton-Kone, Director of Corporate Services at UNEP, said on Wednesday evening that China is cutting greenhouse gas emissions through increased use of renewable energy sources, such as solar power.

“China’s efforts to reduce air pollution over the last couple of decades is a testament to what can be achieved with an enormous investment of time, resources and political will,”

Leighton-Kone said during celebrations of World Environment Day which was combined with a welcome reception of Wu Peng as the 16th Chinese Ambassador to Kenya.

Leighton-Kone said China is already a global leader in the use of renewable energy in the world.

She added that understanding China’s air pollution story is crucial for any nation, district or municipality that wishes to follow a similar path.

“Cities around China are following suit and countries across the region and further afield are also looking to learn from China,” she added.

Leighton-Kone noted that there have been several initiatives in which UNEP has been able to partner with China, including the Green Economy Initiative and the International Coalition for Green Development on the Belt and Road.

According to the UN agency, air pollution exacerbates the current climate crisis.

“The main culprit being carbon dioxide from fossil fuels but there are other more potent climate forcers like methane, black carbon, ozone, and hydrofluorocarbons, that threaten the wealth, security, and quality of life that we have grown accustomed to and want for our children,” Leighton-Kone said.