Iranian Ambassador to China, Keshavarz Zadeh has said that the withdrawal of the US troops from the Syria and Afghanistan will bring security to the region.

“To be frank, the US withdrawal from the region, not just Syria but also other countries like Afghanistan, will bring security to the region,” he said ahead of National Day celebrations, Iran will celebrate its 40th National Day on February 11.

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About his priorities for China-Iran relations, he said, his priority is to deepen the relationship between Iran and China, not only in the economic sphere but also in cultural and political fields.

Iran and China complement each other in many ways. As for economic cooperation, there is still a lot of potentials to explore, he added.

The Iranian Ambassador said to enhance understanding between the people of two countries, he will take steps to attract Chinese tourists, such as providing tour guides who speak Chinese, and tailoring services according to Chinese people’s habits.

Responding to a question about cooperation under the Belt and Road Initiative, he said it has promoted prosperity, peace, and security not only in China but throughout the regions.

Many projects are currently being carried out in Iran under the initiative, including energy, infrastructure, and railway projects. Iranian people, the government and leadership are willing to strengthen relations with China and support cooperation between the two countries in various fields. “All the projects that China plans to carry out in Iran will be welcomed by us,” he added.

On China’s role in the Iran nuclear deal talks and in Middle East affairs, he said, China is an important balancing power. The country has made many contributions to maintaining the balance and stability of the Asian region. As a permanent member of the UN Security Council, China has brought peace to the Middle East and the world.