Wang Jianhua, Chinese Founder and Medical Director of the Addis Ababa Silk Road General Hospital (ASRGH), has been popular with Journalists these days.

This week Wang was crowded around by journalists when he went downstairs to see off some guests at the hospital. He told the journalists that the hospital has been running with a busy schedule since its launch a few days ago.

“In the last few days, Chinese volunteer doctors at ASRGH, along with staff members from different nations have successfully conducted complicated surgeries on three Ethiopians who had suffered from brain tumours,” Wang said.

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“The patients, who endured great pains due to their conditions, have received treatment at the hospital for free. This demonstrates the hospital’s commitment to supporting the local people with such medical care, which needs advanced technology and the expertise of highly qualified professionals,” Wang said.

Officially launched in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa last week, the Chinese invested ASRGH has been rendering medical care services by multi-disciplinary international health professionals. The hospital has 100 beds, and state-of-the-art ICUs, multi-functional operating theatres, digital subtraction angiography, and the latest model of surgical microscopy.

Thirty year old Admasu Belay is a resident of Addis Ababa who had long suffered from a brain tumour over the past seven months, which forced him to quit his work.

After the surgery, he was all smiling at the recovery room. “The situation now and before is incomparable; I have really been enjoying the peace since the operation last Saturday. There are many who are suffering from a similar problem, lacking treatment as it is very difficult here; some waiting long at the bed; I am lucky because it has been identified and solved for me within a short period of time,” he said.

Another patient, for whom a successful operation was conducted some four days ago, is Dawit Belete, a 13 year old grade 7 student. Speaking to reporters, Dawit said he is now in a better condition than before.

“We really thank Silk Road Hospital, we praise the Lord and next, we thank the Silk Road Hospital. Our son is now in a good condition…we had lost hope; but now, we are very happy.

Silk Road Hospital helped us a lot, not only us but also others here. We are very happy about having such a hospital for our people in Ethiopia”

said Dawit’s Father, Belete Gobena

“Patients of such cases will not be referred to hospitals abroad; we can save dollars spent abroad for such type of medical purposes; and it also contributes to the improved health care services in the country,” Gashaw Demeke, a nurse at an ICU room said.

Kebede Worku, Ethiopia’s Former State Minister of Health, said earlier that ASRGH significantly contributes to health care delivery in Ethiopia.

The hospital also serves as the base of clinical practice and teaching hospital for Addis Ababa University, and its multi-disciplinary healthcare professionals are supported by the Chinese Medical Doctors Association, World Federation of Neurological Societies, and the Addis Ababa University.