Most African Nations have signed up to Belt & Road Initiative (BRI). China continues to invest and develop trading relationships across the region and Chinese companies continue to win African contracts.

As the global pandemic rages, and as trade and globalisation are buffeted by geopolitical tensions, there is debate about the long-term role of BRI.

  • How do attitudes towards BRI in Africa compare with those from elsewhere in the world?
  • What is Chinese sentiment?
  • What opportunities does BRI present to different sectors in Africa?
  • How can businesses make the most of opportunities and mitigate risk?
  • What impact has Covid-19 had on BRI priorities in Africa?

The new CMS report in our series focused on BRI, Belt & Road: the view from Africa, answers these questions, and many more.

Built on the feedback from over 500 people around the world who are actively involved in BRI projects, our experts have analysed what BRI will mean for the region, highlight legal considerations and shine a spotlight on Angola, Kenya and South Africa.

Please join us as we introduce the report’s key findings and hear from a panel of experts who will discuss important considerations for those participating in BRI projects in the region.

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Webinar: Online Event
Date: May 27, 2021 (8:30 AM – 9:30 AM Local Time)
Website: CMS
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