People from the Western world need to learn more about China, so that they will have an objective view towards the country’s rise and enjoy more opportunities to cooperate with China, said Western Officials.

During an interview, Jiri Proubek, former Prime Minister of the Czech Republic said the Belt & Road Initiative is a platform provided by China to Countries across the world for cooperation & common development, and he is looking forward to more investment from China to his country.

“In the Czech national interest is to cooperate with practically whole spectrum of countries of the world, and also with China, because it is at this moment the second strongest economy in the world and prospectively the strongest economy in the world. But frankly speaking, Chinese investments in the country are not so high at this moment” he said.

“I hope that the value of Chinese investments will increase”

Former PM Proubek

He also said it is necessary for people from all walks of life in his country to visit China, so as to help them better understand the country and improve bilateral cooperation.

“I’m visiting China very often this year, and it is a really incredible impression for me, and I think that this could be very useful if many Czech politicians and Czech investors and entrepreneurs could have opportunity to visit China, and to see not only the economic results, results of Chinese economy but also Chinese culture, because I think this is necessary to understand this very interesting society and very strong society, stable society. And if you could understand this society, you can better cooperate,” he said.

Martin Cyril Albrow, Honorary President of the Global China Institute, spoke highly of China’s development in various fields. However, he said,

Western countries are still holding a biased attitude towards China’s rise

“The West itself is still not in a position to evaluate China’s rise with any degree of objectivity,” Proubek said.

He also added, “Look at China in terms of what it contributes to the world, what it contributes to the future, in particular of course China’s taking a lead in handling climate change, very important policy, progress in China on environmental protection”.