Since its founding 100 years ago, the Chinese Communist Party (CPC) has led China to achieve great results domestically and make a great contribution to world peace and development. rice field.

Five things are now most often associated with the 95 million powerful Chinese parties as political party leaders around the world try to decipher the secrets of CPC’s success as they celebrate their 100th anniversary.

Economic Miracle

In a grand ceremony of the Chinese Communist Party of the 100 anniversary celebrate July 1, Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee, which is also the Chinese President, first of 100 anniversary of building China’s prosperity moderately in all respects society Declared that the goal was achieved.

China is currently the world’s second-largest economy, the largest beneficiary of foreign direct investment, and one of the world’s largest consumer markets. Its GDP exceeds the threshold of 100 trillion yuan (about US $ 15.47 trillion).

Among the many foreign political leaders who have witnessed China’s rapid economic development is Abbas Zaki, a member of the central committee of the Fatah Party in Palestine, which is responsible for relations between China and Arab countries.

Having visited China more than 10 times since his first trip in 1974, in just one generation, China has transformed into a powerful and modern country, with significant challenges including meeting the basic needs of a huge population. Said that he successfully dealt with.

“What used to be a poor village turned into a productive and affluent village almost overnight. Some of the desolate areas behind it have become vibrant industrial parks,” he said. Said. “The big changes in China are unimaginable.”

Similarly impressed by the remarkable development of China was Shoichi Kondo, Executive Director of the Sino-Japanese Friendship and Regulations.

“I studied abroad in China in 1981, but in 2021 China developed at an alarming rate and created miracles, which the Chinese people achieved under the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party.” He told.

“China is still developing today and is moving at an alarming rate. This is a miracle,” he added.

President Xi & CPC Members
Photo: Chinese President Xi Jinping with Chinese Communist Party (CPC) Members.

Global Contribution

While achieving miraculous domestic progress, foreign observers said the CPC also led China to be an active contributor to world development, peace, and stability.

China is actively participating in regional and international cooperation mechanisms and has made a significant contribution to promoting international cooperation within the framework of the United Nations, according to the Foreign Relations Committee of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Vietnam. The person in charge, Le Hoai Trang, said.

Xi advocates visions such as the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and the building of communities that share the future of humanity to promote exchange and cooperation around the world.

Richard Todwon, executive secretary of Uganda’s ruling National Resistance Movement, said BRI is popular around the world because it connects people, and that’s its beauty.

“I’ve seen Chinese people doing infrastructure projects in most of Africa’s economies, especially in sub-Saharan Africa,” he said. “The Chinese came and built quite a few dams for us, which allowed us to empower our economy.”

For Andrzej Szejna, Vice President of the New Left Political Party in Poland, the concept of building a community that shares the future of humanity is “based on peace and cooperation” and thus serves as a solution to the problems facing the world. There is a possibility.

“Under the leadership of the CPC, China has contributed significantly to the socio-economic progress of all humankind,” said Kuon Sodary, Second Vice President of the Cambodian National Assembly. “China will continue to play an important role in building world peace, promoting world development, and maintaining international order.”

Successful Governance

Behind China’s great domestic development and global contributions are the strong leadership of the CPC and the successful governance of large and populous countries, which foreign political leaders agree.

Ali Akhmedov, Deputy Prime Minister of Azerbaijan and Vice-Chairman of the New Azerbaijan Party, said CPC leadership was a decisive factor behind China’s major changes and remarkable achievements.

He said the CPC has a strong political mobilization capacity that promises to unite all of China’s social forces to serve its people, and as a result, has gained solid support from the masses. ..

In the eyes of Bohemia Moravia Communist Party Chairman Wojciech Philippe, the “Chinese miracle” created by the CPC over the past few decades is the right path for socialism with Chinese characteristics to lead to the success of the country’s development. I proved that there is.

“Also, the policies adopted by China have taken full advantage of the initiatives of CPC members and the Chinese people,” Philip said.

In addition, the CPC is also good at leveraging the experience of both developed and developing countries to develop a successful development model for China, said DEW Gunasekera, a former secretary-general of the Communist Party of Sri Lanka. I am.

He said the CPC has successfully combined market and state intervention in China’s economic development while staying true to China’s history and culture.Give top priority to people

Former Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama said, “Looking back on 100 years of history and always being with people is the secret to CPC’s wonderful achievements in the history of history.”

Hatoyama’s comments reflect a general consensus among political leaders around the world. Morocco’s Deputy Secretary-General of the Justice and Development Party, Sriman El Omurani, concluded that the most striking aspect of the Chinese model was the “people-centered” dominance philosophy.

“This country is its people, and its people are its people,” Xi pointed out at the 100th Anniversary Ceremony. “The party has its roots, its lifeline, and its source of power for people.”

“The party has always represented the basic interests of all Chinese. It stands with them, from thick to thin, and shares a common destiny with them,” he added. “The party has no special interests of its own-it has never represented any individual interest group, power group, or privileged group.”

Highly praising China’s effective response to the outbreak of COVID-19, former Hungarian Prime Minister Peter Meggesi said the CPC’s “people-first” approach was a key factor in successfully controlling the pandemic. ..

French Solidarity and Progress Chairman Jacques Cheminard said the Chinese Communist Party has made great strides in the development of the country by fulfilling the commitments of all its people.

Schminard states that for CPCs, loving people is not only a political commitment but a source of power.

Examples of Other Countries

Palestinian People’s Party General Secretary Bassam Salhi told many when he said China’s development model would serve as an exciting example for other countries in seeking effective development paths.

Secretary of State Mauro Arbolesi of the Italian Communist Party said the CPC, which operates a country as large as China, offers a significant amount of experience available in the field of governance.

“The facts speak a lot,” Arbolesi said, citing China’s poverty alleviation campaign as an example.

In the view of Gennaji Juganov, chairman of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, China set an example of how to combine economic and social progress. “The whole population is benefiting from the results of this development, not just a few,” he said.

When talking to Xinhua News Agency for China of governance experience, many experts: A reference has been made to the book “Xi Jinping China of governance”. It was said that Salhi was a window for observing and understanding China.

The Palestinian leader said the book is very important and useful both at home and abroad because it explains the philosophy of CPC governance, both historically and forward-looking.

Narini Tavesin, chairman of the Pheu Thai Party’s diplomacy, said the 100-year-old CPC has been a great inspiration for political parties in other countries.

“Political parties must stay in touch with the community, serve people, strengthen good governance, and distribute wealth more equitably,” she added.

Author: Scottkrantz