The vision of the Belt & Road Initiative is to build a Global Community of Shared Futures. The Initiative is becoming an important platform for building a Global Community of Shared Future.

Workers are seen on the construction site of the Hunutlu Thermal Power Plant in Adana, Turkey, on Sept. 22, 2019. The Hunutlu Thermal Power Plant, China’s biggest project with direct investment in Turkey, officially started construction on Sunday in the southern province of Adana.

The Project, with a total investment of 1.7 billion U.S. dollars mainly from the Shanghai Electric Power Company, is a flagship project linking the Chinese Belt & Road Initiative with Turkey’s “Middle Corridor” vision. 

The vision is to build a Global Community of Shared Future.

The joint efforts to build the Belt & Road reflect humanity’s common aspiration for a bright future. More and more members of the international community have identified with the idea of building a global community of shared future advocated by the Belt & Road Initiative. The idea is in harmony with the need for world economic development and the direction of the progress of world civilization.

The initiative is becoming an important platform for building a global community of shared future.

Proposed by China but belonging to the whole world. The Belt & Road covers different regions at different stages of development that have different cultures. It is an open and inclusive platform and a global public product forged by all parties involved. Directed toward a shared future for humanity, the Belt & Road Initiative upholds its noncompetitive and nonexclusive nature to the fullest extent.

It reflects the international community’s demand for a global governance system that is fair, egalitarian, open and inclusive. It is an important public product oriented toward today’s world. As UN Secretary General António Guterres has pointed out, the Belt & Road Initiative and the United Nation’s Millennium Development Goals share the same grand goals, and both are public goods offered to the world.

The Belt & Road Initiative not only promotes international trade and people-to-people exchanges, but also enhances understanding between countries and reduces cultural barriers, to ultimately achieve peace, harmony and prosperity.

Offering a Chinese approach to reforming the current global governance system. Our world today faces challenges such as an insufficient drive for growth, an out-dated governance structure, and imbalanced development.

Being open and inclusive and aiming for common development, the Belt & Road Initiative transcends differences in social systems and cultures, respects the diversity of world civilization and the coexistence of diverse cultures, and emphasizes mutual complementarity and mutual benefit among countries at different levels of economic development.

It focuses on improving conditions and creating opportunities for development, strengthening the drive for development, and sharing the fruits of development. It propels the interaction between global governance, security, and development – an attempt to provide an alternative solution to these issues as they have not been addressed effectively in isolation over long periods of time.

Binding together Belt & Road Countries to share a common future. We have only one earth, and all countries share the same planet. To meet the various challenges faced by humanity & work for a bright future in which the whole world enjoys peace, prosperity and development, countries across the globe should share the rough times and the smooth and build an open, inclusive, clean, and beautiful world that enjoys lasting peace, common security, and shared prosperity.

The concept of a global community of shared future involves combining interests, seeking common feelings, values, and responsibilities, and sharing the benefits of development. The Belt & Road Initiative calls for mutual support and assistance and is informed by equality, cultural affinity, and empathy.

It upholds the principles of seeking common ground while reserving differences, inclusiveness, mutual understanding, communication and dialogue, and interactions on an equal footing. We should regard the development of other countries as our own opportunity and promote the convergence of China’s development opportunities with those of its B&R partners and other countries in the wider world, so as to ensure that our development benefits both sides of cooperation and all relevant parties.

During its four decades of reform and opening up, China has accumulated a wealth of experience that can be used by other countries. It has no desire to export its ideology and no intention to impose its development model on other countries. It is willing to share its experience with other countries and create a bright future together with its B&R partners under the Belt & Road Framework.

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