The win-win principle lies in the heart of the cooperation between African countries and China, said Yao Bloua Agbo, Chairman of the China-Togo Friendship Association (AACT).

“What impresses me in the China-Togo cooperation is the philosophy of China”

said Former Togolese Ambassador to China in an exclusive interview on Wednesday.

China has an understanding of the situation of African countries because the Asian country, like most African countries, also experienced colonization, he explained.

“On this basis, China has a better understanding of us than other countries. It adopted a win-win based policy of cooperation that is not at all exploitation. I know that with this principle we will move forward,” Agbo said.

Agbo served as Togo’s ambassador to China from 1979 to 1982 and from 1987 to 1997. During the overall 13 years’ of assignment, he said, he had witnessed “difficult and exceptional” periods of China, stressing that China is sharing its development experience with African countries through win-win cooperation.

Agbo talked of “a very spectacular development of China,” underscoring that in just a few decades between 1949 and 2019, China has leaped from being an underdeveloped country to become the world’s second-largest economy.

The AACT chairman expressed the belief that China will strengthen its cooperation with African countries, including Togo.

“All the domains are priorities for us, be it education, agriculture, infrastructures, telecommunications, technology, etc.,” Agbo said, noting in particular that high technology will drive the development of African countries.

“We are in an era of high-tech. China can support Togo first and foremost in high-technology which is a cross-cutting priority to drive the development of Togo,” he added.

Also, Agbo said China and Togo should continue to reinforce their cooperation, especially as part of the current Belt & Road Initiative.

The initiative is a means of beneficial cooperation for all that will reinforce economic ties between involved countries and create new economic growth poles, he said.

The AACT was established on May 25, 1975, to facilitate the exchange of friendly ties between the peoples of both countries following the establishment of the diplomatic relations between China and Togo in 1972.

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